Creative Builders has as much care as passion. Our objectives are not merely to produce beautiful structures that look and do exactly what each owner envisions, but to create a bond between builder and owner that we expect to endure long after the home is complete.

Adam Bertuglia has always loved building homes and making customers happy. He comes from generations of skilled craftsmen. As a young man, Adam spent his summers working in the construction industry. He learned not only the hands-on and technical side of the business, but also learned the importance of respecting, hiring, and working side-by-side with the finest subcontractors.

In 2002, Adam ventured out on his own and since then has gained experience in every aspect of construction. Over the years Adam has been involved with hundreds of projects in the Greater New Orleans region and across the country. He first started a home repair company which developed into home renovations. He then extended to complete remodels which eventually led him to pursuing his dream of building custom homes. And Creative Builders was born, and has grown into what it is today.

What We Value

"Our customers have high expectations, which help us set the exceptional standards of excellence for which we are known. I am very involved every step of the way and like to share my ideas," says Bertuglia. "If my name is on the home you can bet I will do everything I can to ensure it meets the buyers' every expectation.”

"The life blood of our success is our subcontractors and employees. I've learned that being loyal to them means they'll take greater ownership in our projects and put their heart into each one. That means a better end result for each and every homeowner."

"Using superior building materials, better construction methods and outstanding craftsmanship are all key to how a home will look, how long it will last and how much maintenance and service it will require. To that end, we are committed to delivering a home that will allow each homeowner a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction."

Our Motto

Today Adam oversees the general operations of Creative Builders. His desire to make each home remarkable and each homeowner happy is what makes Creative Builders so special. It’s more common than not to see Adam on site, as his true pleasure is being there to see a home come to life. Our motto, “Building homes for life and relationships for a lifetime,” is more than a slogan to us. It’s a statement of our intention, the rule by which we operate, because we at Creative Builders believe that building homes is far more about people than it is about houses.